Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the things people ask most often when they call.

What should I bring with me?

Outdoor adventures can sometimes be unpredictable. Be prepared.

  • Bring a warm coat,
  • sweater,
  • rain coat,
  • boots and gloves, and
  • hats regardless of season.

Psst..Bug spray is a good idea too.

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Also, bring:

  • your own bedding,
  • blankets, sheets,
  • pillowcases, pillows,
  • towels, sleeping bags etc.

You should also bring:

  • your favorite fishing equipment,
  • personal items
  • and most importantly - Don't forget your To Bring Your Camera!

We provide the pots, pans and dishes.

If you forget something, check with the historic Biscotasing General Store.

What kind of fish can I catch?

Lake Biscotasing features

  • walleye, 
  • northern pike, 
  • perch
  • whitefish

You can even travel to the many small lakes around Biscotasing and try your hand at speckled trout!

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Biscotasing, over a 130 yrs of history!

The little town of Biscotasing has suffered its share of hardships.

In 1913, a forest fire swept through town destroying everything, including the Hudson's Bay Company, and Boots and Saddlers sawmill.

The sawmill was later re-built but a second fire years later gutted it completely.

This eventually marked the end of the lumber industry in Biscotasing.

Biscotasing fire 1913