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"Paradise in the North"

Lake Biscotasi (pronounced bisk-O-teh-see) means lake of long bays in native Ojibwa. The lake stretches nearly 23 miles from end to end and has over 600 miles of shoreline that contains over 400 islands. And was the historic route of the Ojibwe, 18th-century fur traders. Biscotasing was also home to the famous Forest Ranger Archie Belaney, known later as Grey Owl.

The Spanish River and Biscotasi Lake are favourites for backcountry canoeing. With their rugged landscape, towering pines, and variety of whitewater, there is a chance to include road or train access options, and the choice of routes makes them a popular destination for Biscotasing Sportsman Lodge.

At the Biscotasing Sportsman Lodge, there is an abundance of "Adventure at your doorstep".

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So we thought that providing a place on our website to share your memories and adventures would be a good place to start. When you find a gem like this you want to keep it to yourself.

But then there is the part of you that expects Bragging Rights! and to show off what a fantastic adventure you had at the Biscotasing Sportsman Lodge.

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Biscotasing, over a 130 yrs of history!

The early development of Biscotasing was mostly built for the needs of the railway. The CPR acquired a 470-acres of land at Biscotasing in 1884.

A frame station was constructed, with offices upstairs, a large freight shed, a telegraph office, several residences for company officials and a number of boarding houses were completed before the end of that year.

The same year a sawmill was built in Biscotasing, to serve the requirements of CPR construction.

Biscotasing CPR train